SELLE ROYAL Justek Seta ATB Saddle black/red/grey


SELLE ROYAL Justek Seta ATB Saddle black/red/grey

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Описание товара

Seta is a handmade, high-performance saddle with a FLAT surface designed to be highly responsive and flexible for almost every riding position or terrain.

Lightweight Manganese rails and FleX Foam support the rider on even the most challenging rides, and the soft-touch cover combined with our fine grain fit.tex cover material with added red accents add an elegant touch.

Manganese Rail — Performa

Royal Vacuum Light is a Selle Royal technology that allows the saddle to be 100% sealed and 20% lighter than ordinary saddles of the same category.

Flex Foam
A flexible foam with a uniform cell structure for enhanced durability and comfort performance.

Использование: Треккинг, ATB
Ширина: 143 мм
Вес: 300 г
Цвет: черный / красный / серый
Комплект поставки: 1 Седло

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